Software Vs hardware Encoder & Streamingfilz

April 11, 2019 12:43 am

An Encoder is a device that converts songs, videos, documents, programmes, basically data from one format to another. They could also be defined as a key component that takes a graphics, audio or video piece you desire to stream and converts it to data that can be sent across different platforms most likely a multi-streaming service. The encoded data can from there be sent to any destination you wish.
There are two types of encoders – the software and hardware encoder.  Each performs the work of converting data but they have little features that differentiate one from the other.
In the case of the software encoder, it is a specifically designed program that operates on computing devices like laptops, computers, phones, etc. It possesses specialized features and abilities that allow it to update user streams to live platforms. It is also the most commonly used type of encoder in use today. This is because of the fact that it is easier to afford, the most popular software encoders are completely free and because of this free feature, a lot of beginners in the encoding business will prefer to use it in other to save money.
Open Broadcast Software (OBS) is one of the most popular encoders presently. This open-source software package shows the merits many software encoders provides to its user. It lets you set up multiple cameras, videos. Add graphics, audio and whatever you might need to release a professional looking live stream. It encodes and streams your videos for you and to make everything better, it is totally free to use.
The following are the features and advantages of the software encoder:
Video Quality;
Encoders assure high-quality transmission of video files across different platforms, software encoders have the ability to create special effects such as transitions, overlays, lower thirds, scoreboards, etc.


Encoder software comes in a variety of prices. Some software, like OBS, is free, while a professional-grade streaming software like Teradek with Core as it’s encoder fleet Management system, e.g TERADEK VidiU Go – HEVC / H.264 Encoder goes for $799.  For a beginner, that figure may seem quite high, but you may not need that much functionality, it really depends on your live streaming needs.

They are also really easy to find. All a user basically needs to do is search his\her desired software encoder on the internet. This enables work easier and faster for users especially beginners.
Although software encoder has lots of cool perks, the hardware encoder also possesses features that make users prefer it to software encoder.
Hardware encoder is a type of encoder that when connected directly to the internet it takes videos, graphics, audio, etc form your camera into a physical box. It is a very useful and reliable tool mostly used by professional and serious streamers and streaming facilities. It’s the best feature is high speed.

The Streamingfilz Video streaming platform allows all their user to utilize either hardware or software encoder to deliver top-notch contents and encodes data across multiple networks with great speed and precision.