May 29, 2019 4:39 pm


PPV simply stands for Pay-Per-View. Understanding the PPV process means taking it from different perspectives – as a content creator/ advertiser and as a consumer/ viewer.

PPV as a content creator

In recent times, live streaming has massively shaped up the way content reaches its target audience – clear quality, fast and in real-time. This has led to widespread access to live streaming platforms (such as StreamingFilz) which makes it even simpler for everyone. If you have an audience or fan base which would pay to engage with your live videos, PPV is the way to go. With targeted marketing and enough demand, the range of content you can monetize is surprisingly wide.

Also, when viewers are able to immediately connect with content which appeals to them, it makes for a great  experience.



  • PPV gives you instant traffic for a very affordable price. You don’t have to rely on search engines to drive traffic to your product or content.


  • You put your products right in front of customers.
  • PPV streaming collates data about your core audience by identifying who tunes in and tailors the content which resonates most with them. You can use your profits to enhance the quality of your content over time

For content creators, PPV has revolutionized the market and created more avenues to monetize their content.

PPV as a consumer.

Have you ever been bummed out about not being able to see your favorite sporting events live? Perhaps you couldn’t make it to a show and you want to stream it, but you have nowhere to go? When producers and promoters host their events on streaming platforms, they usually use the PPV option for viewers. Formerly, it was used mainly for adult content like the Playboy Mansion. But, PPV has become mainstream now and a lot of industries have adopted the model.

A prime example in recent years is when the organizers of the Coachella Music Festival set up a PPV live streaming video for a lot of people who could not attend  but were willing to pay a premium to view the performances of their favorite artists.


  • PPV offers you itemized content packages. In a wrestling tournament or championship game, you can stream just the matches that interest you.
  • The viewing experience is usually seamless. With Streamingfilz, all you have to do is sign up for your account and choose the subscription package which suits your needs and budget. We offer different subscription packages, but you can use Pay-Per-View with any one of them.
  • Starter Vhost 3 Months commitment $25/month
  • Basic Vhost 3 Months commitment $99/month
  • Pro VHost 3 Months commitment $320/month

We are among the limited number of available streaming services that will provide you with the best PPV streaming options.


You ought to know that not all live streaming platforms are pay-per-view video platforms.


The main issue with Pay-Per-View which affects both the consumers and the promoters/ producers of the events is that, for every single live event, a deal is to be agreed on and signed. The negotiation process and terms of agreement might not be beneficial for the promoters or the streaming platform. This often leads to inconsistencies.

As a consumer who has subscribed to a package to stream your preferred events, it would be a disappointment to not get what was paid for, because an agreement couldn’t be reached on the back end.

Again, a lot of streaming services attempt to hide how complicated their services are. When these complexities are encountered while trying to stream a PPV event, viewers tend to get discouraged. Hopefully, there should be more options for viewing PPV events without cable in a few years’ time.

Why choose StreamingFilz PPV platform?

First, we prioritize both creators and viewers.

For content creators:

  • We are an industry leader in helping content creators publish and monetize their events (live & on-demand) daily.
  • Our interface is convenient and easy to use. This leaves you in total control of your business!
  • We assist you with everything you need to deploy powerful rich media subscription and pay-per-view services.
  • We have advanced reporting available anytime and from anywhere, and our services include comprehensive tools for managing your content, creating ROI and analytics to help you custom your media according to your audience.
  • We provide fully customizable interfaces to reflect your brand. Also, your viewers can access your content however they want with StreamingFilz.

For our viewers

  • We are reliable, experienced and flexible.
  • We have flexible payment plans with free trials.
  • We present several options to you for consideration which grants access to various PPV events.
  • Our services are web-based which you can easily access from anywhere and any device.
  • We are completely ad-free. You and your viewer would not have to put up with the interruption of adverts.

With StreamingFilz, the content owners and the viewers have their video-streaming needs catered to and it is a win-win situation for everyone!