Live Streaming Services

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StreamingFilz is an easy to use yet flexible solution for delivering live video to any website or social media outlet. Our live video hosting platform is designed to deliver the best quality video. StreamingFilz provides access to professional tools that utilize the very latest cloud computing solutions. These services are delivered through a content delivery network in order to reach worldwide audiences.

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How it works ?

Live video retransmission on the Internet, often called live video streaming, is a multi-step process. First, a source is needed, which can be either digital such as webcams; or analog, which requires digitizing through a capture card before it can be streamed.

The second step is encoding using Adobe Flash encoder or a similar tool. StreamingFilz supports all encoders that can output in RTMP live streaming (Flash). This includes broadcasting video software encoders such as Wirecast, Discover Video and Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder, which is a free download. Professional hardware encoders can also be used, such as the Niagara line, TriCaster, VBrick, TouchStream and many more.

In the third step, the stream is sent through a secure Internet transmission to our servers. Our partnership with a Global content delivery network (CDN) allows us to distribute video/audio worldwide to and viewers with an Internet connection. Streaming live video using our platform can be done very quickly and easily. To learn more about streaming video using our platform, please check out our “how to” videos.

Hosting Live Video

Once broadcasting live video, also known as a live streaming video, or web-casting, the content can be published on websites and social networking sites. This is achieved through using a code for embedded videos, through a complimentary video player which is provided by StreamingFilz. Streamingfilz allows video to be used over social networks including Facebook, where a URL-like code is given that broadcasters can attach to walls without the need for viewers to download plug-ins. These streams can then be watched directly from a Facebook wall while viewers can comment, share and like the content. When StreamingFilz is being used to stream video to a website, this content can then be accessed from computers, mobile devices such as Android phones, internet connected televisions and video game systems.